Distribution of 1695 growing saplings in Al-Nawameh and Al-Doyok area

Distribution of 1695 growing saplings in Al-Nawameh and Al-Doyok area

On the 21st of January 2015, the farmers union in Jericho governorate distributed 1695 growing seeds in Al-Nawameh and Al-Doyok areas as part of the third stage of the “Program for Seeding One Million Trees in Palestine” which is part of the Jordan Valley-Jericho project. This project is implemented by the Palestinian Farmers Union in cooperation with the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature and funded by the Welfare Association.

The Jordan Valley-Jericho project aims to seed more than 260,000 different types of fruitful seedlings such as seedless grapes, olives, pomegranate, guava, and citrus seeds. In addition, it aims to build three rainwater harvesting ponds with a capacity of 3000 cubic meters. It also aims to provide irrigation systems for 15 dunums situated in the Jordan Valley area and to seed these lands with vegetable saplings in order to quickly provide an income for the farmers.

The Coordinator of the farmers’ association in Jericho, Laith Dar Tiam, said that the project started at the beginning of April in order to provide income for 300 farmers supporting 2400 dependents within a space of 500 dunums.

Additionally, one of the beneficiary farmers expressed that he was satisfied with the project because it covers the entire Jordan Valley area. These areas are threatened as the occupation aims to confiscate and to prevent any construction on the land. Therefore, he highlighted that it is important to restore and seed these lands as part of resisting and enhancing people’s attachment to the land.

It is worth mentioning that the One million Trees Program is supervised and funded by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature in cooperation with its partners. This year, the program aims to seed more than 54,400 saplings in Palestine, reconstruct 50 plastic houses in the Gaza Strip, rebuild 5 destroyed boats in the Gaza Strip, and to provide these boats with 100 trammels. Moreover, it aims to construct 10 agricultural wells and three rainwater harvesting ponds. Finally, all these projects will support and help more than 7000 families and provide work for 450 unemployed workers.