Launch of ‘Pruning Olive Trees’ activity in Bethlehem

Launch of ‘Pruning Olive Trees’ activity in Bethlehem

Ramallah- As part of the ‘Green Gold’ project and ‘From the Field to the Market’ project, a pruning olive trees campaign was launched, and implemented by Bethlehem Farmers Association (PFU branch in Bethlehem district. The project is in partnership with the Land Research Center (LRC), Applied Research Institute and supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture in Bethlehem.

The coordinator of Bethlehem Farmers Association, Ziad Salah, stated that the project was launched in Wadi Fukin, Nahalin, Battir, and Al-Walaja villages. The aim is to train the farmers to prune olive trees in the proper way which involves removing some green branches in order to strengthen the plant’s stem, improve the olive’s quality, and affect the size of olives. The pruning process involves the selective removal of dry and green parts of the plant.

Salah also added that the project targets 150 farmers and approximately 4800 seedlings within the period of 16 days.

One of the farmers said that the activity focuses on the importance of pruning trees yearly because it helps to increase the yield and the product quality.

Various groups attended the implementation of the project including representatives of the project’s partners in addition to multiple farmers and volunteers.