PFU welcomes the decision banning the access of Israeli products to the West Bank territories

PFU welcomes the decision banning the access of Israeli products to the West Bank territories

Palestinian farmers union welcomes the higher national committee’s decision banning the entry of products produced by six major Israeli companies into the Palestinian territory, as a first step against arbitrary Israeli procedures.

The Israeli companies which will be banned in the Palestinian territory are Tnuva, which produces dairy products, Elite which produces chocolates and candies, the Strauss food and beverage company, Osem, Prigat for beverages, and Jafora.

PFU stressed the significance of this decision because it is considered an important step in boycotting Israeli products and banning them from the West Bank market, including agricultural-related products.

PFU also asserted the importance of spreading public awareness in boycotting Israeli products as part of the national resistance and as a response to the arbitrary Israeli violations against the Palestinian people. Therefore, PFU considers boycotting Israeli products a national duty and sign of support to the Palestinian economy, especially with the availability of alternative local products.

PFU believes that this decision has a direct positive impact on the agricultural sector, and provides support to the steadfastness of Palestinian farmers by increasing their ability to compete in the local market.

This decision was issued by the higher national committee on Thursday the 9th of February in the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate - Ramallah. Member of the higher national committee, Mohammad Al-Aoul, announced that the committee decided to gradually ban the access of Israeli products to the Palestinian territories starting from next Wednesday as a response to detention of the Palestinian Authority tax funds.