Thanks to the Prime Minister

Thanks to the Prime Minister

The Palestinian Farmers Union gives thanks to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Agriculture for their instant support of the agricultural sector concerning farmers’ income taxes exemption.

The Palestinian Farmers Union gives thanks to Dr. Rami Hamdalla, the Prime Minister, and Dr. Shawki Al-Essa, the Minister of Agriculture, for their attention and interaction with the delegation of the farmers union and the presidents of the agricultural councils in their meeting which took place at the Prime Minister’s office in Ramallah on the 25th of January. Moreover, the union gives thanks to them for their efforts to solve issues concerning the agricultural sector as it is considered one of the most significant economic sectors in Palestine.

Many officials attended the meeting including Mr. Abdallah Lahloh, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr. Mijahd Salamah, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance, Mr. Ahmad Salah, Public Acountant, Mr. IbrahimDa’ak, the President of Farmers Union and the Dates Councils, Mr. Bassam Walwl, the President of Grain Council, Mr. Kamil Mijahd, the President of Milk Council, Mr. Shahed Al-Hindi, the President of Vegetables Council, Mr. Ibrahim Basharat (Abu Saker), the President of Jordan Valley Committees.

Dr. Hamdallah discussed with the delegation the different means to support and reinforce farmers’ resistance and the agricultural sector. Moreover, he affirmed that the government will continue its support of farmers and compensate for their losses in light of the severe weather. He also promised that the government will continue the value-added tax reimbursement process once the necessary financial resources are secured. This reimbursement process was previously paused for three years due to the financial crisis.

Furthermore, he promised that he will continue working on farmers’ exemption from income tax. These taxes caused resentment amongst farmers who considered these taxes unfair and harmful, especially with the current increase of Israeli strategic attacks which aim to force farmers out of their land. He also promised to complete the approval process for the law of the agricultural councils and to organize the value added taxes reimbursement process.
Dr. Hamdallah also stated that the agricultural councils’ law will be passed on to the Council of Ministries to be read. Afterwards, it will be presented to the President in order to get approval as soon as possible.

The President pointed out that the Palestinian Unity Government is seeking to devote a share of foreign aid to the agricultural sector in the Gaza Strip. He also emphasized that the government looks forward to fulfil its responsibility towards different sectors in the Gaza Strip even though it has poor resources and donor countries are not fulfilling their obligation within this area.