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Vision and Mission

The Palestinian Farmers Union (PFU): PFU consists of a group of Palestinian Farmers Associations established in 1993. PFU includes (16) member Farmers Associations from all the Palestinian Districts, these Associations included (9831) farmers. PFU works with (73) Cooperative Association, including (3040)members. PFU is registered in the ministry of Interior Affairs, registration No. (QR-245-A).


PFU Vision PFU is looking to become Palestinian framers framework and representative, to reach with them a stage where they become able to defend their rights and benefits and to share actively in the national development at an independent democratic state.


PFU Mission Palestinian Farmers Union is a popular framework was established at 1993, work on organizing and building the capacity of farmers organizations to enable them to defend their rights and benefits, it works as a national umbrella aims to work with similar Arabic and international organizations and the continuity of these unions work to achieve the principle of agricultural development continuity which depend on the method of collecting the capacities and directing the shared possibilities to improve performance and to preserve environment.


Strategic goals - To raise farmers' general awareness regarding their benefits and economical, social and political rights. - To activate affecting sides' role in farmers' issues and problems. - To build organizations able to lead farmers towards their benefits and rights. - To work on the Continuity of Palestinian Farmers Union.

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